AMSTI: Did You Know?
Here are 10 interesting AMSTI (Alabama Math, Science, and Technology Initiative) tidbits that you may not have known (courtesy...

Anna's a Stellar Speller!   
Spelling Bee Winner
Anna & Mrs. Hussong

We Had a Winner!   
We want to extend a super-enthusiastic CONGRATULATIONS to Savannah Goff, a fifth-grade scholar in Mrs. Zirlott's class.  Savannah...
Savannah Goff

2014-2015 New Student Council Elected!   
We would like to congratulate the newly elected Student Council.  We are looking forward to a great year making Dixon the...

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Dixon's Electronic Bookshelf (e-books)   
Dixon is working to provide an electronic library with student e-books, accessible anytime, anywhere, with an...

Accelerated Reader Home Connect   
Want to View Your Child's AR Records?

Christ United Methodist Church   
They Did It Again!

Tips for a Successful Parent Conference   
5 Questions Every Parent Should Ask the Teacher

Dixon is Ready for the Common Core!!   
Dixon is ready for the Common Core Standards, otherwise known in Alabama as College and Career Ready Standards.  Dixon teachers...