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Fifth Grade

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5th Grade

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5th-Grade Homework & Information  

2017-2018 School Year



1) Thank you to all of the parents who came to one our grade level meetings. If you were unable to attend, we sent home a copy of some of the highlights discussed on Friday. Please sign the last slide on the last page, clip it out, and return it to school Monday.

2) Have you joined our ClassDojo group?  We want every child to have a parent or guardian signed up by this week. Invitations with parent codes to join were sent home on last Tuesday.  Class Dojo will be our primary method of communication, so stay in the loop and join!

3) If you have not yet purchased supplies, you can find a supply list under the FORMS link on this page.  In addition, we are accepting $5 registration fees at your convenience.

4) Please have students bring in a pair of earbuds to keep in backpacks for use in technology centers.

5) Please remember that only solid red or navy (or purchased through Dixon) outerwear can be worn in the classrooms.  Outerwear cannot have any writing or logos. Any outerwear can be worn TO school, but if not uniform-policy compliant, they must be removed IN school.


HOMEWORK:  Week of August 21  (Q1, W3)
READING, LANGUAGE, & SS (Busby / Faggard)






MATH & SCIENCE (Davis / Zirlott)


  •  In science, we're working on Next Generation Standard 5.8: Plant Survival.

MATH: MULTIPLICATION! This week's focus is 3s & 4s.

  • Multiplication facts missed on daily drills 10x each. Remind students to write each fact AND say each out loud while writing.
  • This week we're working on whole-number and decimal place value through Engage NY (Eureka Math) Module 1, Topic A, Lessons 1-3.
  • You can view the entire module, lesson-by-lesson, HERE.

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