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Fifth Grade

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5th Grade Homework & Information  




1) Please remember that all guests attending our Moving-On Ceremony on June 1 MUST be on the student's enrollment form to visit the campus.  Please contact the office to confirm anticipated guests.  

Our ceremony will begin at 9:30 in the gym, but please arrive early to ensure time to sign in in the school lobby and to secure seating.  Please, as per MCPS system policy, DO NOT bring balloons or other gifts into the school---those may be kept in your vehicle until after the ceremony.

Students should arrive at school at our normal take-in time for our breakfast get-together and to change into their performance shirts.  

It has been typical for parents to take their 5th-graders out for a celebratory snack/lunch after the performance, so homeroom teachers will be stationed at different gym doors at the ceremony's conclusion with sign-out sheets for their own classes.  Siblings must be signed out through the front office.  Please do not remove a child from campus without signing him/her out.

2) Thank you for a great 5th-grade year! Your kiddos will be missed. <3


HOMEWORK:  Week of May 30 (Q4, W10)

Spelling: N/A

HW: None

M: None

Tu: None

W: None

Th: None

F: None

Cursive: Paragraph formation

Test Date:  None


M: None

Tu: None

W: None

Th: None

F: None

Language Arts: Correlative Conjunctions

Test Date:  n/a

  • Please visit the PRESENTATIONS link to view PowerPoint presentations used to introduce language arts concepts, ESPECIALLY if your child did not perform well on previous tests.
  • Students can practice online activities I created for this concept on our profile page: please click here.  The practice activities are aimed to prepare students for the type of tasks they will be expected to perform on the test.


Test Date:  

HW:  N/A

M: None

Tu: None

W: None

Th: None

F: None


MATH (Harris)

This week we will be reviewing for the Basic Fact Drill and the EQT. The Basic Fact Drill will be given Wednesday the 24th. The EQT will be given Tuesday the 30th. Please continue to work on multiplication and division facts. 









Complete Study Guide


Review Study Guide


READING (Mostellar)

Read AR book every night for 20 to 30 minutes. Work toward your quarterly AR goal. 

NOTE:  100% of AR goal due this Wednesday to attend Read-a-Thon or this Thursday to meet the 3rd-quarter goals.

*NOTE: Davis's homeroom calculates either the number of pages or chapters of required reading each night, and those pages or chapters should be recorded in the planner. Those on the picture-book plan must be prepared to test on 2 assigned books each day to avoid homework points.


Check out our technology projects and favorite sites!

Go online to 




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