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Dixon archers place 7th in the United States at the National Archery Tournament
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Wednesday, May 17, 2017
Dixon scores an all time high of 3209 points!

Top 12 shooters-Team score-3209

1. Colby Lewis- 284-5th grade                 7.Lane Zirlott-265-5th grade

2. Maurio Shish-276-4th grade                 8.Kaitlynn Akridge-264-5th grade

3. Mia Cornelson-273-3rd grade               9.Caden Buzbee-263-5th grade

4.Ben Alex Phi-270-5th grade                10.Dyana Kaiser-261-4th grade

5.Layorik Calhoun-268-4th grade            11.Hayden Malone-261-4th grade

6.Ian Crosswhite-265-4th grade              12.Emaleigh Shaffer-259-4th grade


Dixon qualified to shoot in the National Archery in Schools World Tournament.

It will be held July 20-22 at the Orlando Convention Center on Orlando, Fl.


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