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Attendance Challenge & Incentives
Posted On:
Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Attendance Goal: 97%

1st Quarter Attendance = 96.1%   

Let's make the 97% goal in 2nd Quarter!

As part of our Schoolwide Attendance WIG, we are asking every child to attend school each and every day.  Please be here on time, and stay until dismissal. Each week that students achieve perfect attendance, without tardies nor early dismissals, they will be allowed to participate in a special reward on Fridays.

If you are present Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, on Friday you will be allowed to enjoy this upcoming reward:


NEXT Perfectly Perfect Attendance period: 2 weeks of perfectly-perfect attendance with NO early dismissals & NO tardies from Monday, Oct. 24 to Friday, Nov. 4, 2016.

-Friday, Nov. 4, 2016- Prize

**Due to a miscommunication, we are changing attendance incentives. We will be rewarding students with incentives with "perfectly-perfect" attendance during school hours. We will let you know of any further changes. Thanks for your participation!

Patriotic Colored Shirts; Please wear regular school uniform pants, shorts, or skirts and regular uniform athletic P.E. shoes with a patriotic shirt. (Election Day at Dixon)

***CHANGED NOT Super Hero Day***** Maybe another time!




Each Attendance Reward Challenge Day: Please dress students in seasonally appropriate clothing, appropriate length shorts, pants, and shirts, no hair dye, face paint unless otherwise note. Students need to be comfortable, and non-distracting to the learning environment. They must always wear tennis shoes for P.E.

If you are unsure if the outfit you have chosen meets those guidelines, please, consider another choice. Thanks!

OVERALL: Students who have perfect attendance at the end of each quarter will be treated to a special breakfast with the principals, Mrs. Warren and Mrs McNew! (other special guests may also  pop in. You just never know!)

Watch the school calendar, PTA Facebook, and your child's teacher's communications for updates about great upcoming rewards!

Being here matters! See you at Dixon.

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